About Hollyana Melear

“Many people have asked me, ‘Don't you love to paint?’ One would think my immediate reaction would be, ‘Of course!’ or ‘Yes! Absolutely!’ However, this question always gives me pause. I do love to paint and often, but my need to paint so often overpowers my love of it. I often refer to art as my survival. Indeed, what would I have done with my life without art? Art is a form of creation. The beautiful thing about creating is that it is a universal language that connects all of us, through time and space and all the Earth and humanity.

I particularly believe in the creation of icons. Icons are works of art created as a vehicle to transport the viewer to a higher or more spiritual space. To me, I believe icons can come in the form of animals, trees, angels, goddesses, the stars... I could go on. I love to create ‘bridges’ in my art that can transport myself for meditation as well as give this added opportunity to the viewer. It is a way I give to the world and keep myself connected to this beautiful and complicated universe. So do I love art? Yes. But must I create art? Absolutely.”

  Leaving It All Behind                         Acrylic on Canvas
 Hollyana Melear Original Works